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Utilizing Effective Social Media Tools in 2018

Over the past year or so, we’ve seen countless stories emerging from social media. Facebook purchased Instagram and started pulling Snapchat users towards another form of picture-focused sharing. The United States president communicated his official policy positions in 140 characters or less, and countless other companies began to embrace new ways of communicating with customers through the social landscape.

This year, social media should provide us with even more disruption, as various technical advancements change the way we connect online. The question for most businesses isn’t whether they should invest in social media, but what tools they’re going to need to empower their teams in making the most out of these platforms.

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Social Media is Changing:

Social Tools Could be the Answer; You don’t have to be a social media manager to have noticed the rapidly-evolving nature of marketing in the digital world. Today, it seems like everyone is connected online, but the way that companies need to use social marketing to get the most out of their campaigns is changing. For instance, after a series of controversial decisions made during the 2016 election, social platforms have had to take a more hands-on approach to protecting their platforms.

At the same time, the millennial generation that everyone was talking about not so long ago has suddenly been replaced with Generation Z – a younger audience more drawn to visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. It’s no wonder that businesses are confused. Yet, despite the complexity of social media, brands can’t afford to ignore the power of these platforms. After all, 71% of customers say they’d be more likely to recommend a company to a friend if they have a positive relationship with that company online.

Embracing Social Media Marketing Tools

The trends set to transform the social media marketing world are appearing at an accelerated rate, with everything from live video streaming to virtual reality forcing us to change the way we think about social marketing. While social media obviously presents companies with plenty of great ways to connect with their audiences and grow brand loyalty, these platforms also present a range of unique challenges that modern organizations have to address too.

For most companies, the only way to handle the new and evolving world of social media marketing will be to invest in the right tools to help you get the most out of your campaigns. In the infographic below “The 20 hottest social media marketing tools in 2018”, you’ll be able to discover some of the most popular and effective social tools available for brands in 2018.

These tools could give you the support and guidance you need to accelerate your online connections with customers in a more competitive digital marketplace, ensuring that you can stick to your posting schedules, and even evaluate the performance of your campaigns. By the time you’ve finished reading this infographic, you should have everything you need to launch your next social media campaign with courage and confidence.


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